How to Pick Out Your New Kitchen Appliances

When you are in the market for new kitchen appliances, it can be very overwhelming when you are trying to pick out the right ones. With so many different appliances available, how do you narrow down your options? Easy! Just eliminate appliances that will not work for you by considering these five things.


First and foremost, you need to eliminate appliances based on price. Set a budget for each appliance you are going to buy and stick to it. If you set a budget of $400 for a new dishwasher, then only look at dishwashers below that price tag. You can most likely find the right appliance for you at any price point. So, set your budget and stick to it.


Next you are going to need to find appliances that are the right size for the space you have. If you only have enough space for a refrigerator that is 24 inches wide, do not buy one that is 30 inches across. There is nothing worse than spending several hundred dollars on an appliance only to find it does not fit. So get out the measuring tape and pay attention to this big detail.


Once you have narrowed down your selection based on price and size, it is time to look at the color of your appliances. Not all appliance colors will look good in your kitchen, so be careful what you choose. White and cream appliances may work perfectly in a country kitchen, but those same colors in an industrial style kitchen would just look off. So decide what colors would work with the style of your kitchen and narrow down your choices from there.


After you have chosen the right color for you, take a look at any maintenance the appliance may need. If you are looking at ranges, for example, you may want to consider a cook top oven over one with coils. Cook tops are typically easier to clean, which may make your life easier down the road. So when you are picking an appliance, be sure to look at the maintenance you will have to do to narrow down your choices even more.

Energy Needed

If you still have a few options available to you, look at the energy needed to run each appliance. Take a look at the number of kilowatts per hour the appliance uses. The higher the number the more energy the appliance will need to run, which means a higher electricity bill for you. So pick the appliance that uses the least amount of energy to save you money.

Once you have looked at all of these things, it should be much easier to pick the perfect appliance for your kitchen. So make sure to look at the price, choose the right size and color, pick the appliance with the easiest maintenance, and then find the appliance that uses the least amount of energy. After that, all you have to do is put in the order and enjoy the new appliances you picked out.

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